Anti Air Pollution Mask

Scope of Application: It is suitable for personal protection only under non-invasive conditions. It can effectively block bacteria, and protect against bacteria, pollen, airborne chemical particulate,smoke and mist.

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Anti Air Pollution Mask

3 ply disposable face mask


Product name: Three-layer non-woven protective non-medical mask. This mask has been tested and certified by a professional testing agency / reassured safety / quality assurance. The three-layer protection protects the health layer by layer. The filtration efficiency is BFE> 95%. The middle protective layer has high furnace cloth. Breathable and non-irritating, uniform and dense nano-pores on the surface, breathable and comfortable, low-sensitivity and non-irritating, no burr, filtering 0.5 micron particles up to 95%, effectively protecting your alveoli,

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4D three-dimensional protection, all-round blocking of pollution, high elastic wide flat shrinkage belt , Suitable size for Buler ears, no traces on the face, multi-pleated design for greater internal space, not afraid of sticking to the lips, triple protection, independent packaging, light and breathable, fit Buler ears, skin-friendly non-irritating, 4D three-dimensional protection.

Product Name

Face Mask
Face Mask Type3 ply Earloop Disposable Face Mask

3 ply (100% new material):1st ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP,2nd ply: 25g/m2 melt-blown PP (filter),3rd ply: 25g/m2 spun-bond PP

FeatureHigh BFE/PFE, Adjustable nose piece, Elastic earloop

disposable face shield mask

3 ply mask face3 layer disposable face maskface mask free shipping

Masks information

1. What are the standards and protective effects of masks?

 Meet GB / T32610-2016 protective mask standard

 The mask has a three-layer structure, and the middle layer is a meltblown cloth filter layer, which can meet the daily environmental protection use.

2. Is it in stock? When can I ship it?

 We sell in stock and ship within 48 hours (individuals less than the region, except for special circumstances)

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