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Why should we test the sf6 density monitor after long-term use?

Jul 24, 2019

For the SF6 density monitor,long-term use will effect the sensitivity , which makes the test data less accurate, so it should be tested again


We can use the temperature and pressure correction method to test the density monitor by using the sf6 gas deflation process. It is tested by equipment. Firstly, the sf6 density monitor is isolated from the body by the valve of the device, and then the sf6 density monitor is connected with the tester to accurately measure the density of the sf6 gas, and the operating pressure at this time is obtained by the pressure and temperature when the monitor is working. At the time of inspection, attention should be paid to the inspection of the tightness of the instrument, and the alarm and the blocking circuit action test should be carried out during the inspection. At the same time, the temperature should be balanced by appropriate time. During the operation, the gas circuit of the monitor and the switch should be broken first, then the monitor and the test instrument should be connected to ensure the safety of the whole process.